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Model Reasons for recommendation
STC-1 Easy operation, Diagnosis time is short, Diagnosis start completion can be notified by vivrator
BSV-2EN Bellows Sealed Globe Valve
SCV-3 Wafer type Check Valve
SCV-4/4EN SCV-4/4EN check valve prevents backflow of fluid. It is widely used in steam pipelines or cold and hot water pipelines.

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Model Feature
Y's Jacket
BSV-2EN Bellows Sealed / Flanged / Ductile cast iron
BSV-10F, BSV-20F Globe Valve
BLV-1(Ball Valve) Ball Valve
GLV-1 Globe Valve
GLV-10 Globe Valve
GLV-16 Globe Valve
GLV-10F&20F Globe Valve
PG-2 (Pressure Gauge) Pressure Gauge
SCV-3 Wafer type / Cast stainless steel
MXV-1 Mixing Valve
AO-2 Air Out
GD-56-80 Standard / L = 115 mm
AL-52F-95 Relief / Closed lever
GD-56R-80 For cold district / L = 115 mm
AL-68-97 Relief / Breathing valve
WP-1 Absorb water hammer
BLV-1S(Ball Valve) Ball Valve

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