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Noiseless Heater/Vacuum Relief Valve


* Protecting the equipment and pipng from damage unsed by a vacuum conditions.
* Stable performance without chattering and hunting
* Easy handing due to small and light weight
* Anti-corrosion material make a corrosion-proof superior.

Feature Brass / Screwed
Category Vacuum relief valve
Type Vacuum relief valve
Specifications Application Steam , Air
Max. pressure 1.0MPa
Connection JIS R
Material Body Brass
Valve Bronze
Valve seat Brass
* Regulating pressure range
A: -0.5 to -21 kPa
B: -21 to -48 kPa
C: -48 to -81 kPa

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Size H (mm) Weight (kg)
15A(1/2) 100 0.5
20A(3/4) 100 0.5
25A(1) 112.5 0.75
32A(1 1/4) 113.5 1.05
40A(1 1/2) 130 1.45
50A(2) 165.5 2.45

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:VB-7

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