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Steam Trap/Radiator Product


* Bi-metal ring eliminates air binding.
* Stable performance and superior durability
* ductile cast iron body and up to 2.0 MPa

Feature Disc / 2.0 MPa / Screwed
Category Steam trap
Type Disc type
Specifications Application Steam condensate
Operating pressure 0.035 - 2.0MPa
Max. temperature 220 degree(C)
Connection JIS Rc
Max. back pressure 50% of inlet pressure
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Valve disc Stainless steel (Heat treated)
Valve seat Stainless steel (Heat treated)

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Size L (mm) H1 (mm) Weight (kg)
15A(1/2) 90 49 0.9
20A(3/4) 90 53 1.2
25A(1) 90 56 1.4

[About flow rate]

Selection data: Maximum Continuous Discharge Capacity 

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Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:TD-10NA

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