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Sight Glass


* For visible check of two-fluid flow
* Suitable for checking intermittent flow
* Horizontal and vertical installation

Feature Plain type / Ductile cast iron / Flanged
Category Sight glass
Type Plain type
Specifications Application Cold and hot water , Oil , Non-dangerous fluids
Max. pressure 1.0MPa
Max. temperature 150 degrees (C)
Max. thermal shock 100 degrees (C)
Connection JIS 10K FF flanged
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Glass Hardened glass
.Available with mica plate for steam condensate (150LM-□□S.□□F).
However, maximum allowable working pressure is 0.6 MPa.
.Available with protector (150LP-□□S.□□F).
.Glass part is consumable supply.

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Size L (mm) Weight (kg)
65A(2 1/2) 235 14.7
80A(3) 235 15.1
100A(4) 277 26.5
125A(5) 336 36.8
150A(6) 380 60.5

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:150L-F

Data Downloading
Drawing for (65・80A) (78 KB)
Drawing for (100A-150A) (108 KB)
CAD external view (103 KB)
Data for the agency

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