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KY Flow Meter & Flow Switch

KY-M: Instantaneous flow indicator
KY-MA: Instantaneous flow indicator + lower (or upper) microswitch

.Most suitable for opaque liquids because the indicating section is mechanically sealed from fluid.
.No restrictions on the flow direction.
.The contact position is variable.
Image:KY Flow Meter & Flow Switch

Category Kawaki product
Specifications Application Most suitable for flow rate indications and alarms for lubricating oil and fluids containing iron powder.
Withstanding pressure 1.0MPa
Temperature 80 degrees (C) or less
Accuracy ± 5% of reading
Contact capacity 15A; 125, 250 or 480 VAC / 0.5A; 125 VDC / 0.25A; 250 VDC
Diameter 3/8B-5B flanged type, Rc 3/8-Rc 1-1/2 screwed type
Material Body FC250, CAC406, SUS304
Main parts C3604B, SUS304
.For use in high vibration places, use vibration-proof SF type.
.For 1.0 MPa or higher operating pressure, use the SF type designed for high pressure.

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