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Fluid Control Product

Wafer type Check Valve
* Compact design.
* Can be installed between a lot of major flange types and connection
standards without measuring device due to the shape of body.
* Can be connected in any direction (horizontal or vertical).
* Outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent durability ensured by
all stainless steel parts.

Feature Wafer type / Cast stainless steel
Category Check valve
Type Wafer
Specifications Application Steam , Cold and hot water
Max pressure 2.0 MPa
Max temperature 220 degree C
Min opening pressure 0.003 MPa
Connection Wafer
Material Body Cast stainless steel
Disc Cast stainless steel
*A small amount of fluid leaks at the valve seat. So, it should not be used for applications requiring compelete closing.
*See another table regarding applicable connection standard.

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Size L (mm) Weight (kg)
15A(1/2) 16 0.2
20A(3/4) 19.5 0.3
25A( 1 ) 22 0.4
32A(1 1/4) 28 0.7
40A(1 1/2) 31.5 0.9
50A( 2 ) 40 1.5
65A(2 1/2) 45 2.2
80A( 3 ) 50 2.9
100A( 4 ) 60 4.5

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:SCV-3

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