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Fluid Control Product


The MXV-1 mixing valve is a temperature regulating valve that mixes hot water and cold water to make water of desired temperature. The valve is controlled by expansion/compression of the wax thermoelement to provide mixed water of stable temperature. This product has built-in check valves.

Feature Mixing Valve
Specifications Application Cold and hot water
Max. pressure 1.0MPa
Working temperature 90degree(C)
Minimum closing pressure of check valve 3 kPa
Installation posture Vertical or horizontal installation
Connection JIS Rc screwed
Connection for circulating water inlet JIS G 1/2 screwed
Material Body Brass
Union joint Bronze
Gasket FKM

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Size L H Weight
25A 192 145 2.3
32A 225 172 4.0
40A 256 189 5.4
50A 292 221 9.4

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:MXV-1

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