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Assist Trap/Pumping Trap


1. Non-electric since it utilizes inexpensive steam pressure or air pressure for operation.
2. Maintenance inspection is easily done due to main parts are attached to the cover.
3. Untouchable by hand due to automatic operation after installation.
4. Running costs can be significantly reduced since gas for the operation is consumed only at the time of pumping.

Feature For middle capacity and large capacity
Kind Pumpimg Trap
Specifications Application Steam condensate , Non-hazardous fluid
Driving fluid Steam / Air
Max. driving pressure 0.8 MPa *1
Max. working temperature 180 degrees
Connection JIS Rc screwed
Check valve at inlet and outlet side Externally attached *2
Material Body Ductile cast iron (FCD450)
Trim parts Stainless steel
Float (P) Stainless steel
*1 The most appropriate value of driving pressure is back pressure at outlet + 0.1 to 0.2 MPa.
*2 Attach an optional check valve (SCV-2 or SCV-3) on inlet and outlet side of the product.

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Size H L Weight
25A(Condensate inlet: 25A / Condensate outlet: 25A) 620 544 92
40A(Condensate inlet: 40A / Condensate outlet: 40A) 620 549 92
50A(Condensate inlet: 50A / Condensate outlet: 50A) 620 525 91
80A(Condensate inlet: 80A / Condensate outlet: 50A) 620 500 90

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:PF-7000

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