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Pressure Reducing Valve


1. Combination of pressure reducing function, by-pass function and stop function that provide saving cost and space.
2. Enable for a wide range of pressure control in a water supply system.
3. Wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant material to prevent rusty water.
4. Pressure balance structure can keep the reduced pressure at a constant level without being effected by inlet pressure.
5. Maintenance and inspection can be conducted easily by disassembling the upper side only.

Specifications Application Cold and hot water
Inlet pressure 1.0MPa
Reduced pressure 0.05 - 0.7MPa(*)
Connection JIS 10K FF flanged
Min. differential pressure 0.05MPa
Max. pressure reduction radio 10:1
Max. temperature 90 degree(C)
Material Body Cast bronze (NPb-treated)
Valve seat Cast bronze (NPb-treated)
Valve disc FKM
Diaphragm EPDM
* (A)0.05-0.35 MPa (B)0.3-0.7 MPa
・Pressure gauge connection port is JIS Rc 1/4.
・Available with pressure gauge.
・Pressure reducing function is set when shipeed from our factory.

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Dimensions (mm) and Weights (kg)
Size L H Weight
20A 200 198 6
25A 200 198 7
32A 245 249 11
40A 245 249 12
50A 260 278 16
65A 328 356 30
80A 402 386 38
100A 470 462 58

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:GD-27BP

Data Downloading
Drawing for 20A-50A (261 KB)
Drawing for 65A-100A (262 KB)
Instruction Manual (1,880 KB)
CAD external view (278 KB)

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