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Pressure Reducing Valve

Do you perform trade embargo or defatting processing?

We can perform defatting processing.
The parts are flushed with warm water after washing with cleaning fluid.
Air blow is carried out with the air which passed the micromist filter.
After a cleanliness inspection, assembly is carried out so that oil may not adhere, and the parts are stored.

Is it necessary to keep warm for pressure reducing valve for steam?

Yes, it is necessary to reduce energy loss by heat release. We have Y's Jacket, thermal cover installable for each of our model.

In selection of pressure reducing valve, is it necessary to consider safety factor?

Yes. Please allow a safety factor of 10 - 20 %.

Accidents occur only for the pressure reducing valve of the same place on a steam line.
However, those on other lines are satisfactory.
What kind of problem can be considered?

There may be influence of foreign substance or condensate in piping. Installation of drain separator is recommended.

Which size of mesh is recommended for the strainer before pressure reducing valve for steam to prevent foreign substances?

The size of 80 to 100 mesh is recommended.

What will happen if it is using pressure reducing valve exceeding the rated flow rate?

It can be considered that vibration generation or rapid pressure drop in outlet side drop, etc.
Like GP-2000, reducing valve with small offset and large Cv value is recommended to select.

Are there any reducing valves of the material on which rust does not generate easily?

We recommend the products of stainless steel made wetted parts, such as GP-1000SS or GD-41. Or, of all stainless steel made, such as GP-1000AS or GD-20.

What is the advantage of pressure reducing valve using for steam?

When using steam as heat source, if pressure is low, the latent heat can be used more effectively, and contribution to energy saving is higher.

Cast iron pressure reducing valve is made of FCD450. What is difference from FC200 made?

FCD450 is high in safety since it is twice higher than FC200 in mechanical strength, such as tensile strength and allowable stress.
Yoshitake realizes cost reduction by integrated production.

Is the present model compatible with the old model?

There are successors to the old model or appropriate spacer kit to make use of. Please contact us.

What is precaution for using a pressure reducing valve for steam?

If pressure is reduced, fluid velocity rises in piping of the same nominal size. It is necessary to take measures such as enlarging piping nominal size.

Please tell me how to select a pressure reducing valve for steam.

Please consider inlet pressure, outlet pressure, and flow rate. You can calculate necessary Cv value from them. If regulation for low pressure is needed, GP-2000 is recommended.
However, it is necessary to pay attention to many demerits if too large valve is selected.

Please tell me how to select pressure reducing valve for water.

For clean water, qualified product by Japan Water Works Association authorization must be selected. Then, we recommend GD-26-NE etc.
For other than clean water (industrial water etc.), selection should be made in view of flow rate or pressure.
We have a lineup for its material, such as FCD450, CAC406, and SCS13.

Please explain about reducing ratio and range ability.

Reducing ratio is the ratio between inlet and outlet pressure of the valve. Generally it is expressed by the largest ratio such as 10:1 or 20:1, etc. For example, if the inlet pressure is 2.0MPa and the outlet pressure is 0.1MPa, the pressure reducing ratio is 20:1.
The range ability is the ratio between rated flow and the minimum adjustable flow rate.
The higher range ability means the wider control range of the flow rate, and it represents the high controllability of the valve.

What is the advantage of an external sensing type of valve?

Using the external sensing type of valve gives many advantages, such as:
-Stable pressure control can be achieved even in the lines with the violent fluctuation in flow rate.
-Stable pressure control can be achieved since the pressure can be detected at the exact point where the pressure control is required.
-The pressure drop due to piping from the pressure reducing valve to the controlled point can be ignored.
GP-2000 features the external sensing function as a standard.


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