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Sight Glass

Is there any product which complies with the Fire Service Law?

We recommend FS-U-P type flow sight.

What kind of glass is used for a site glass?

Temperlite glass (one of the hardened glass) is used for standard products, and its maximum working temperature is 180 degrees C. A site glass using Pyrex(R) glass or Pyrex(R) hardened glass as a special model is available, whose maximum working pressure is 220 degrees C. (Some of the products are not available in this model. Please contact us for further information.)
*Pyrex(R) is registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.

Which direction should a sight glass be installed in?

The best care should be generally required when a sight glass is connected to piping either horizontally or vertically. However, Yoshitakefs sight glass can be easily installed either horizontally or vertically as you desire. The only limitation is that the glass surface should be in the side position when a ball type sight glass is horizontally installed.

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