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How do I select a proper strainer?

Select a strainer with the same size as the nominal size of piping. According to fluid type, select Y-type, U-type, straight type strainer.
If there is few space downward of the strainer for steam, we recommend ST-10 since cleaning or replacement of screen (mesh) can be performed without tool.

Which strainer is chosen for what kind of use?

Y-type strainer: compact attachment space with little fluid resistance;
U-type strainer: Screen is bucket type with a handle, which has a larger filtration area than Y type strainer;
W-type strainer: cleaning of screen can be performed without changing the passage of fluid and without stopping fluid flow; and
Temporary strainer: used for piping flushing before starting of operation.

Is it possible to designate face-to-face distance of a strainer? How about installation of hinges to a strainer?

it is possible for steel type strainer such as SY-15 or SU-6.

Is it possible to use the paint of other than Yoshitake standard?

If you provide us with information for the paint such as Munsell color number, we will reply after review. Please contact us.

Are there any measures when differential pressure before and after the strainer is large or when fluid viscosity is large?

As measures, there can be reinforcement to raise screen intensity, or use of different screen. Please contact us.

Please tell me when to clean the strainer screen.

Install pressure gauges before and after the strainer and use the strainer within 0.1 MPa of differential pressure. When differential pressure approaches to 0.1 MPa, clean the screen (mesh).

Please tell me about horizontal piping for Y-type strainer on steam line.

Horizontal piping is necessary on steam line to prevent condensate retention or freezing.

Is there a standard for the mesh size of a strainer?

1. Construction standard specifications (for the construction of machinery and equipment), issued by Public Buildings Association
* For water: 40mesh or more (80mesh or more when installed before a solenoid valve),
For steam: 80mesh or more
2. The common specifications for the construction of machinery and equipment, issued by Defense Facilities Administration Agency
* The area ratio of screen against each nominal size should be 3 or more.
The mesh size should be 40mesh for heavy oil, and 80mesh for diesel oil, kerosene, and gasoline.
3. The common specifications for the construction of public housing, issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
* When a strainer is installed before solenoid valve, motor valve and a self activated valve, the mesh size should be 80 or more.

What is the difference between a perforation and a mesh?

"Perforation" is usually called "punching" and it means the mesh type outer casing that covers "mesh" for reinforcement. The perforation size is shown by the combination of the hole size (diameter:mm) and the amount of holes in the area of 1cm2.
[Example: "Dia. 2.5 - 7.21 ea/cm2h means that there are 7.21 holes with a diameter of 2.5mm in 1cm2 area.]
On the other hand, "mesh" means both the mesh itself inside a perforation and a unit of size of the mesh.
"Mesh" as a unit is used to show the mesh count in the length of 25.4mm (1 inch).
[Example: 20mesh means that there are 20 mesh counts in the length of 25.4mm.]

SW-10 is equipped with the switch handle at the inlet side. Is it possible to equip the valve with the handle at the outlet side?

It's possible to change the handle position for the valves of nominal sizes 20A to 50A. Please contact us for further information.

Please explain the reverse washing method for Y-type strainers.

Reverse washing is to wash a strainer by flowing fluid in the reverse direction in order to remove scales. Install a bypass pipe and a blow valve around the strainer. When a double screen is used, there is a possibility to break the screen because a mesh falls off the punching. The reverse washing method is applied in the case of using punching only.

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