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Seminar Introduction

Yoshitake holds seminars to persons of various industry in TSC (Technical Seminar Center).
We use steam of 1.0 MPa at maximum and demonstrate with piping and equipment under near-actual condition so that seminar attendee can be easy to think on their own piping situation. So, the contents of curriculum can be put into practice soon after seminar attendance.
Curriculum course has the three courses as follows:

Steam Seminar (Basic course)

You can learn steam from basics. Starting from "What is steam?," we explain the basic characteristic of steam intelligibly. Since water hammer caused by steam condensate is demonstrated in transparent piping, the mechanism of trouble occurrence can be understood intuitively. Moreover, view of energy saving on steam line is easy to understand due to demonstration by real equipments.

Steam Seminar (Standard course)

You can learn selection and installation method of the optimal steam equipment, selection and installation method of energy saving equipment, and maintenance management. This course is a practical seminar about energy saving of steam system, environment, safety, and efficient productivity. Since the mechanism of condensate retention and its improvement plan is demonstrated using actual heat exchanger, they can be connected to the problem which have occurred on the site and its measure easily.

Steam Seminar (Advanced course)

This course includes general explanation, using many examples of the steam system improvement in production plants, about technique of steam system design and steam trap engineering. Moreover, you can master the technique of the steam management construction for energy saving, CO2 reduction, and total cost reduction.

Technical Seminar Center

Technical Seminar Center

In Technical Seminar Center (TSC), you can understand the mechanism of phenomenon occurrence on steam line intuitively.
We introduce the technique for rationalization of steam piping system and the methods for energy saving, productivity improvement and preventive maintenance, using equipments such as jacket (double) pot.

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Caravan car

Caravan car

Our caravan car is the energy saving demonstration car including the essence of TSC, which can move across Japan for seminars and product demonstration.

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