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Caravan Car

As the very first trial in the valve business field, we conduct across-the country mobile lecturing, user visit and demonstrations of our products in caravan cars loaded with such system equipment mainly of pressure-reducing valves for steam and steam traps.

The purpose of caravan cars is not only the introduction of our products. Energy saving is coordinated by offering mobile seminars and diagnoses of factories.

Caravan Car:On the right side

Caravan Car:On the right side

Caravan Car:On the left side

Caravan Car:On the left side

Outline of Caravan-Car Mobile Seminars

(1)Caravan car demonstration (Approximate time required: 1 hour)
Pressure reducing valves Explanation of piston-type and diaphragm-type
Separator Validation of the advantage of steam separation
Steam traps Operation for separate models
Water hammer Mechanism of the occurrence (Reproduction)

(2) Engineering Seminars (Approximate time required: 2 hour)
Basics of Steam" Course

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