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Pressure Reducing Valve


* For gas application
* Direct-acting type
* Anti-corrosion material for wetted parts
* Low noise and stable pressure control
* Integral strainer prevents dirt problem
* Closed construction makes no leakage outside

Feature Direct-acting type / Inlet pressure 1.0 MPa / For gas application
Type Direct-acting type
Specifications Application Air , Other non-dangerous fluids
Inlet pressure Max. 1.0MPa
Reduced pressure 0.05 - 0.7MPa(*)
Connection JIS Rc screwed
Min. differential pressure 0.05MPa
Max. pressure reduction ratio 10:1
Max. temperature 90 degree(C)
Material Body Bronze
Valve Synthetic rubber
Seat Bronze
Diaphragm Synthetic rubber
* Reduced pressure
(A): 0.05-0.35 MPa
(B): 0.3-0.7 MPa

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Enter a value in the following field for a calculation of flow rate.
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Inlet pressure: MPa Reduced pressure: MPa
* Whenever you change values, be sure to click on the "Calculate" button.
Capacity may vary according to the installation condition.
Please contact the international Dept. when placing an order.

Size L (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Cv value
15A(1/2) 115 159.5 1.6 2
20A(3/4) 120 159.5 1.7 2.3
25A(1) 135 170 2.1 3.5
32A(1 1/4) 180 224 4.0 6
40A(1 1/2) 180 224 4.4 7
50A(2) 200 239.5 6.5 11

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Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:GD-26G

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