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Expansion Joint and Flexible Joint



Feature Ball joint / Flanged / 0.98 MPa
Category Bal joint
Type Ball joint
Specifications Application Steam , Air , Cold and hot water , Oil , Other non-dangerous fluids
Max. pressure 0.98MPa
Max. temperature 220 degree(C)
Connection JIS 10K RF flanged
Max. displacement angle 20 degree
Material Body Cast iron
Ball Carbon steel (HCr plating)

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Size L (mm) Weight (kg)
50A(2) 190 12.0
65A(2-1/2) 220 17.0
80A(3) 235 18.0
100A(4) 270 30.0
125A(5) 310 45.0
150A(6) 370 62.0
200A(8) 430 90.0
250A(10) 480 155.0

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:UB-10

Data Downloading
Drawing for 50A-250A (63 KB)

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