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Sight Glass


* Spinner keeps glasses clean.
* For visible check of one-fluid flow
* Horizontal and vertical installation

Feature Spinner type / Bronze / Screwed
Category Sight glass
Type Spinner type
Specifications Application Cold and hot water
Max. pressure 0.7MPa
Max. temperature 100 degrees (C)
Max. thermal shock 40 degrees (C)
Connection JIS Rc screwed
Material Body Cast bronze
Glass Heat-resistant glass
.When using this sight glass at a temperature difference of 40 degrees (C) or more, note that the glass may get damaged if the temperature rapidly rises or the glass is cooled from outside.
.Glass part and spinner are consumable supply.

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Size L (mm) Weight (kg)
10A(3/8) 76 0.45
15A(1/2) 76 0.50
20A(3/4) 83 0.60
25A(1) 89 0.95

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:400

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CAD external view (28 KB)

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