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KAWAKI Product

SA Flow Meter & Flow Switch

SA-M: Instantaneous flow indicator
SA-MA: Instantaneous flow indicator + lower (or upper) proximity switch contact
SA-MAA: Instantaneous flow indicator + lower & upper proximity switch contacts

.Most suitabale for relatively small flow rates (0-15 L/min in water) of opaue liquids (oil,etc), high-temperature and high-pressure fluids.
.No restrictions on the flow direction.

Feature Proximity switches are used for small flow rate.
Category Kawaki product
Specifications Withstanding pressure "Standard 1.0"MPa
Temperature Standard: 80 degrees (C) or less, Special order: 300 degrees (C) or less
Accuracy ± 3% of readings
Contact capacity 50 W: 0.5A, 125 VAC, Self-holding proximity switch
Diameter 3/8B-1B flanged type, Rc 3/8-Rc 1 screwed type
Material Body FC250, CAC406, SS400, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
Main parts C3604B, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L
.For use in high vibration places, use vibration-proof type.

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