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Flow Killer

This flow meter, using thermistor characteristics, has no movable parts structurally. Fluids to be
measured include water or aqueous solutions.

.Little or no trouble and no pressure loss because there are no movable parts.
.No restrictions on installation of piping, allowing horizontal and vertical piping (in a full condition).
.This flow meter can be used in magnetic fields because of LED indication, and can be used for
pure water measurement.
.The waterproof class is IEC IP67 and can be used outdoors.
Image:Flow Killer

Feature Thermistor flow meter
Category Kawaki product
Type FK
Specifications Withstanding pressure 1.5MPa
Operating pressure 1.0 MPa
Liquid temperature 0-80 degrees (C)
Ambient temperature -20 degrees (C) to + 60 degrees (C)
Accuracy ± 3% FS
Indication LED
Output 4-20 mA DC, two switching points: S1 and S2 can be set independently.
Diameter 1B-12B flanged type
Power source: 100 , 200 VAC

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