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RF-II (River FLow)

* RF-II: Electronic Transmission Type

Field indication type (integrated type)

Remote transmission type (separate type)
(instantaneous + integrated indication + analog output + high/low alarm contact)

Pulse (contact) signals from the transmitter (RF-S) can be output variously by using a converter in accordance with the application. Available with integrated type (RF-II) in which the trasmitter (sensor section), converter and indicating section are integrated, and separate type (RF-II-S).
Image:RF-II (River FLow)

Feature Gear type flow meter
Category Kawaki product
Type Gear type flow meter
Specifications Power source AC 100 V / 200 V ±10%
DC 12 V / 24 V (option)
Output Signals Current Output: 4-20 m ADC
Voltage Output: 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-5 V
Relay Output: Instantaneous high/low alarm contact

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