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Steam Trap/Radiator Product


*Excellent durability ensured by unique internal structure (hemispherical valve, etc).
*The upper plug is made of stainless steel, and is excellent in wear resistance.
*Reliable performance due to all stainless steel made internal parts and the unique internal structure.
*Super energy saving since intermittent operation removes air adiabatic wall in the heat exchanger and increases heat efficiency considerably.

Feature Bucket / 1.6 MPa / Flanged
Category Steam trap
Type Bucket type
Specifications Application Steam condensate
Working Pressure (A) 0.01-0.3 MPa (B) 0.2-0.6 MPa (C) 0.3-1.0 MPa (D) 0.6-1.6 MPa
Max. temperature 220 degree(C)
Connection JIS Rc Screwed, JIS 10K FF flanged, JIS 20K FF flanged, EN PN25 flanged
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Valve Stainless steel (Heat treated)
Valve seat Stainless steel (Heat treated)
*Available with ASME flanged.

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Dimensions (mm) and Weights (kg) of JIS Rc screwed
Size L H Weight
15A(1/2) 136 183 4.3
20A(3/4) 136 183 4.3
25A(1) 136 183 4.3

Dimensions (mm) and Weights (kg) of JIS 20K FF flanged
Size L H Weight
15A 175 183 5.4
20A 175 183 6.0
25A 175 183 6.3

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:TB-20/20F

Data Downloading
Drawing (288 KB)
CAD external view (182 KB)
Instruction Manual (1,314 KB)

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