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Fluid Control Product

PG-2 (Pressure Gauge)

Easy to handle thanks to simple structure of elastic transducer with bourdon tube. Case is made of stainnless steel and corrosion-resistant.
Outdoor rain proof manufacturing.
Image:PG-2 (Pressure Gauge)

Feature Pressure Gauge
Specifications Application Steam , Gas , Liquid *
Max. temperature 60degree(C)
Shape A type
Size Dia.100
Pressure range 0-2.5 bar/4.0 bar/6.0 bar/10 bar/16 bar/25 bar/40 bar
Connection BSPT 1/2, NPT 1/2
Material Case SUS
Bourdon tube SUS
Spanner flats SUS
* Use siphon tube for steam application.

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Size W (mm) H (mm) L (mm) Weight (kg)
15A(BSPT1/2) 36 133 100 0.38
15A(NPT1/2) 36 133 100 0.38

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:PG-2 (Pressure Gauge)

Data Downloading
Drawing for BSPT (81 KB)
Drawing for NPT (80 KB)
Instruction Manual (115 KB)
CAD external view (13 KB)

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