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Steam Trap/Radiator Product


1. Reliable performance and large discharge capacity ensured by level float system.
2. All main parts such as valve, seats, air vents and floats are made of stainless steel that offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
3. By adopting the high-pressure air vent, to exhaust the air in the ateam piping system quickly, significantly shorten the equipment start-up time.

Features Ductile cast iron, Stainless steel
Kind Steam Trap
Connection JIS Rc screwed, NPT screwed
Specifications Application (Max. Temp.) Steam condensate (230 degrees)
Max. working differential presure 0.1 - 1.7MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-1 0.01-0.1 MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-2 0.01-0.2 MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-5 0.01-0.5 MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-9 0.01-0.9 MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-12 0.01-1.2 MPa
Working pressure: TSF-12-17 0.01-1.7 MPa
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Float Stainless steel
Valve, Valve seat Stainless steel

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Dimensions (mm) and Weights (kg)
Size L A H Weight
40A(1-1/2) 200 308 228 21.7
50A(2) 200 361 285 24.6

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:TSF-12

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CAD external view (48 KB)

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