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Steam Trap/Radiator Product

Stainless Float Steam Trap
* With turning the cock, it is possible to meet various flow direction such as horizontal or vertical installation.
* All-stainless steel construction has excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
* Bellows type high pressure air vent.
* Built-in strainer.
* Maximum discharge of 1,800kg/h, large capacity.
* Since the main parts are installed on the cover with the body installed on the piping, inspection and parts replacement can be conducted easily.

Feature Float / 2.1 MPa / All stainless
Category Steam Trap
Type Float Trap
Specifications Application Steam condensate
Pressure ragne 0.01 - 2.1MPa("\"Detail is as below\)
Max. temperature 220 degree C
Connection(TSF-10S) JIS Rc, NPT
Connection(TSF-10SF) JIS 10KFF, JIS20KRF, ASME150RF, ASME300RF, BSEN25/40
Material Body Cast stainless steel
Valve, Valve seat Stainless steel
Float Stainless steel
Pressure range(Max. differential Pressure)

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Screw Connection(TSF-10S-5,TSF-10S-10,TSF-10S-21)
Size L(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg)
15A(1/2) 135 110 3.6
20A(3/4) 135 110 3.6
25A(1) 139 110 3.7

Flange Connection(TSF-10SF-5,TSF-10SF-10,TSF-10SF-21)
Size L(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg) 10KFF Weight(kg) 20KRF
15A(1/2) 195 110 4.8 5.0
20A(3/4) 215 110 5.2 5.4
25A(1) 235 110 6.2 6.6

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Selection data: Discharge diagram 

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Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing:TSF-10S,10SF

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Drawing (748 KB)
CAD Drawing (586 KB)
Instruction manual (901 KB)

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