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  • To keep reduced pressure at the constant level against the fluctuation in inlet pressure.
  • To separate drain effectively from the steam/gas piping line.
  • To ensure safety of piping line/equipment by preventing unusual pressure rise.
  • To remove dirt or foreign matter, etc. to prevent troubles on equipment.
  • To open/close by magnetic force of solenoid. To open/close by activating motor. To open/close by air pressure.
  • To detect temperature of fluid and keeps it at the set temperature.
  • To automatically discharge condensates from equipment in the steam line. Trap for radiator. Regulating valve for radiator.
  • To relieve excessive pressure and keep pressure inside piping at the constant level. To prevent falling water inside of reverse pipe and vacuum condition on stopping pump. To keep differential pressure between supply and return pipes at the constant level in closed loop.
  • To absorb extension/compression caused by heat inside piping and prevent damages to piping and equipment.
  • To visually check fluid flow inside piping.
  • To prevent backflow due to vacuum condition as well as automatically discharges air from liquid piping line.
  • To decrease noise and vibration while heating water by blowing steam into water.
  • Other accessories in the piping system.
  • Measures flow rate of oil, opaque liguid, etc.
  • Assist Trap.
  • Hot Water System.

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