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Temperature Regulator

QHow long does it take the valve disc of OB-30 temperature regulator to open or close?

It depends on the temperature range of the sensor.
1) Set temperature range 25 - 70 degrees C
From 25 to 70 degrees C (opening): 90 sec.
From 70 to 25 degrees C (closing): 60 sec.
2) Set temperature range 70 - 150 degrees C
From 25 to 70 degrees C (opening): 60 sec.
From 70 to 25 degrees C (closing): 60 sec.
In each case, the valve completes opening/closing within 2 minutes.

QWhat kind of attention should be paid when the temperature regulator valve is installed in a place where the atmosphere temperature can be high with direct sunlight or in a closed room?

The valve cannot regulate the temperature appropriately when the atmosphere temperature exceeds the set temperature. Please refer to the tolerance of "atmosphere temperature" in the catalog.

QHow should we select a proper temperature regulator?

For appropriate sizing of the regulator, the differential pressure for calculation should be 0.05MPa or less. When the inlet pressure is set in the range of 0.2 to 0.3MPa, the best performance and longer service life are expected.

QIs there a limitation in installation direction of the thermal bulb of the temperature regulator?

There are two types of temperature regulator.
OB-30 and OB-2000 are actuated by the expanding pressure of gas, and OB-1 to 4 series are operated by expanding pressure at vaporization of liquid.
OB-30 and OB-2000 can be installed horizontally or vertically as you desire, however, the bulb should be in contact with the heated fluid by the area of at least 3/4 of its body.
OB-1 to 4 series have limits in Installation conditions. Install the bulb in such directions that the connection part should be horizontal or upward against the opposite end, and that T mark on flange or connecting nut comes upper side. (Please refer to the catalog or instruction manual.)

QWhat should we do when disposing the thermal bulb?

Please contact us.

QCan the thermal valve replaced at site?

Yes, please contact us for detail.

QWhat is the difference between internal pressure type and external pressure type bellows?

External pressure type is less affected by the surrounding temperature thanks to its protective cover.

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