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Air Vent Valve/Air Vent Valve with Vacuum Breaker

QWhere should air vent valves be installed?

Install them on high points in the system, where air tends to accumulate.
In order to remove air from horizontal pipes, install AO-2 "air out", which will slow the flow velocity and effectively separate air.

QAre there any good measures to prevent the air vent valve from inhaling atmospheric air at the time of negative pressure?

We recommend TA-16CVA and TA-16CVS air vents, which do not inhale air if pressure at the inlet side becomes negative.

QCan air vent valves without check valve be used as a vacuum breaker?

No, they cannot. They might inhale air but the performance cannot be guaranteed.

QWhy is a stick attached on the float of air vent valves such as TA-22ML?

It is to introduce air into the valve smoothly.

QCan air vent vales be used outdoors?

Yes, they can.

QWhat is possible cause of water leakage from the outlet fitting of TA-22ML?

Valve and valve seat might be jammed by debris. Please service the valve according to the manual.

QExhaust capacity of TA-18ML is the same among all sizes. Will the performance be OK if we select a smaller size for convenience?

Yes, no problem.

QWhat measures can be taken to prevent backflow to TA-16?

Please use TA-16CV series with check valve.

QShould we plug the outlet of air vent valves?

Lead the outlet to a drain ditch in case water leaks.

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