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Expansion Joint/Ball Joint/Flexible Joint

QWheh should we detach the shipping bolts?

Detach them after finishing piping construction.

QDo expansion joint have there specified flow direction?

Yes. Please align the arrow on the body with the flow direction.

QCan expansion joints be installed on a vertical pipe?

Yes, please contact us for detail.

QWhat is the allowable misalignment?

Please refer to this <リンク>

QShould we fix the expansion joint?

The anchor of double-bellows type expansion joints need to be fixed.

QHow should we calculate required strength of the anchors?

Please contact us.

QWhat is the maximum allowable pressure when conducting a hydraulic test?

Keep the test pressure at the expansion joint's maximum working pressure or lower. Besides, do not apply forces exceeding the anchors' strength.

QThe expansion joint has stretched too much when we detached the shipping bolts and supplied the flow. Can we continue using the product?

The product is out of guarantee. Please check the positions of anchors and guides.

QFor steam piping, every how many meters should we install a expansion joint?

It depends on working conditions. Please contact us.

QIs it OK to insulate expansion joints?

Yes, no problem.

QIs there any precaution for piping an expansion joint?

1) Install the joint so that the flow direction matches the direction of the arrow on the nameplate.
2) Remove the shipping bolts and the shipping washers after piping construction (installation of fixed point and guide).
3) Be sure to set main anchors (fixed points) at both ends of the straight pipe, curve pipe, diverting point, and valve installation point.
4) If more than one expansion joints are used between the main anchors, set middle anchors in the middle of each joint.
5) Each of the main and middle anchors must have enough strength to support the load.
6) Keep the concentricity to make the joint expand or compress properly, and equip the joint with a guide in order to release it from the weight and bending load of the piping
7) Set a main anchor in the case where the piping diameter is changed by a reducer.

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