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Fluid Control Products


QDoesn't constant flow valves flow when the differential pressure lower than 0.2MPa?

They can flow but in the flow rate lower than the setting.

QIs it OK to install inlet and outlet pipes with sizes different from the constant flow valve?

Basically no problem because the constant flow valve throttles the flow. However, if the pipe is throttled to flow less than the valve's setting, the actual flow rate will be this limited flow.

QAre constant flow valves available with set flow rates other than listed on the catalog?

No, only those listed on the catalog are available.

QIf either hot water or cold water supply to MXV-1 is stopped, what will happen on the mixed water outlet?

In both cases, the supply of mixed water will stop. (However, there will be some leakage because of metal seat.)

QHow should AO-2 be used?

Install an air vent valve on its top.

QWhat is the wireless communication standard of Wi-Flo?

IEEE802.15.4 compliant (2.4GHz).

QBy what principle does WIF-1T diagnose traps?

WIF-1T measures vibration caused by steam leak by its vibration sensor and blockage by its sensor unit consisting of temperature sensor. It diagnoses traps by comparing these values with preset values.

QCan WIF-1GW transfer data to an external cloud server?

No, the hardware cannot transfer data directly.

QIs it possible to import data from Wi-Flo to another software?

Numerical data for WIF-1S, normal/abnormal status for WIF-1G and trap operation diagnosis for WIF-1T are saved as CSV files. External software can load the data from this file.

QCan Wi-Flo be operated from a terminal other than the computer for Wi-Flo, such as a smartphone?

It is not possible because Wi-Flo does not involve Internet connection.

QCould you inspect the steam trap checker STC-1?

Yes, please contact us.

QBy what principle does the steam trap checker STC-1 diagnose traps?

STC-1 measures vibration caused by steam leak by its vibration sensor and blockage by its sensor unit consisting of temperature sensor. It diagnoses traps by comparing these values with preset values.

QWhen checking a trap with STC-1, where should we place the probe?

Press the probe tip vertically against the inlet side (flat surface) of the steam trap.

QWill dignosys differ depending on the location to press the probe of the trap checker?

The result may differ depending on the point to press the probe. The trend can be understood better by marking on the pressing point and checking the trap regularly.

QCan STC-1 be used to check traps from manufacturers other than Yoshitake?

Yes, it can.

QCan Y's Jacket be used to insulate a heat exchangers with a complicated shape?

Yes, Y's Jacket can be customized to fit other manufacturers' valves or equipment. Please contact us.

QCan Y's Jacket be installed all the Yoshitake products?

Yes, it can.

QCan Yoshitake perform oil-free or degreasing treatment?

Oil-free is not available.
We can perform degreasing treatment.
The parts are flushed with warm water after being washed with cleaning fluid.
Air blow is carried out with the air which passed the micromist filter.
After a cleanliness inspection, the parts are assembled and stored so that oil may not adhere.

QWe promote energy saving of our factory. Are there any measures to easily insulate piping and valve?

We recommend Y's Jacket, easily installable thermal cover. It can be used repeatedly for pressure reducing valve, strainer and the other product which requires maintenance.

QCould we purchase valve parts only?

Spare parts are available. However, for some products disassembly by customers is not recommended, and we cannot supply parts for such models.

QCan the model and the specifications be identified by MFG number?

Please contact us with the number.

QWhat is water hammer and how can we take measure agaist it?

Please refer to the link.

Link:  Preventing water hammer 
QCould you provide a material certificate (mill sheet)?

Yes, please contact us.

QCan Yoshitake supply products with CE marking?

Please contact us.

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