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Sight Glass/Flow Meter

QIs there any product which complies with the Fire Service Law (Japan)?

We recommend FS-II-P type flow sight.

QWhat kind of glass is used for a sight glass?

Temperlite glass (standard hardened glass) is used for standard products, and its maximum working temperature is 150 degree C. Some models can be customized to max. working temperature 220 degree C using Pyrex(R) glass or Pyrex(R) hardened glass. (This is not applicable for some products. Please contact us for further information.)
*Pyrex(R) is registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.

QCan flapper type sight glasses be used on a vertical pipe?

Yes, but in the flow direction bottom to top only.

QIs there a sight glass with which the actual flow can be checked?

Available from Kawaki Measureing Instrument (Yoshitake group). Please contact us.

QWhat is the maximum thermal shock?

It shows the allowable maximum temperature difference of rapid temperature fluctuation.

QCan the sight glasses be used for steam condensate?

Possible with mica plate option.

QWhat should we do when the glass has become obscure?

Please clean or replace the glass according to the product manual.

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