Model STC-1
Steam trap automatic diagnosis time Clogging: 2 seconds
Leak: 2 or 8 seconds
Good: 8 seconds
Working pressure for steam trap automatic diagnosis 0.05~8.0MPa
Working temperature for surface temperature sensor 0~300℃
Auto Power ON/OFF After 5 minutes (While steam trap automatic diagnosis mode and not in operation)
Ambient temperature 0~40℃(Non-freezing)
Where to use Inside and outside (However, it should not be exposed to rain water).
Battery DC1.5V AAA alkaline batteries 2 pcs
Continuous operating time: about 8 hours(※1)
Accessories(※2) Storage case、Earphones、AAA alkaline batteries 2pcs(※3)

※1:When using alkaline batteries (25℃, steam trap diagnosis mode).
※2:Confirm package contents before use. If any, please contact us.
※3:The batteries are not included for export outside Japan.

STC-1 Dimensions and weight

Mode (Function)

Mode (Function) Overview
Steam trap automatic diagnosis mode Automatically diagnose the condition of steam trap(※4)
Surface temperature sensor mode Indicates the surface temperature of steam piping
Auscultation mode Listen to the condition of steam trap

※4 Results of steam trap automatic diagnosis

Result Working conditions of steam trap LED display Screen display
GOOD Good condition Green
CAUTION Hard to judge whether GOOD or LEAK, caution required for the possibility of LEAK. Yellow
LEAK High possibility of steam leakage Red
LOW TEMP. High possibility of clogged, not in service, or inadequately low capacity, because the surface temperature is low. Yellow

Dimensions and weight

STC-1 Dimensions and weight
Weight: 235g (Batteries included)