Environmental Activity

السياسة البيئية

 On the design, development, manufacture, sale, and service activity of automatic valves and its associated equipments, Yoshitake promotes environmental load reduction activities continuously in consideration of environment, and runs business operations effectively.

1. Make compliance with laws and regulations on the environment.
2. Enhance the emergency response while making great effort on the environmental protection.
3. Take into account the impact on the environment regarding the product development and performing the product assessment.
4. Utilize our factory as a testing plant to promote environmental activities that can offer system proposals to the customer.
 Establishment: February 15, 2000
 Revision: October 11, 2000
 Revision: April 2, 2001
 Revision: April 9, 2002
 Amendment: April 13, 2004
 Amendment: June 14, 2005
 Amendment: January 23, 2006
 Amendment: April 1, 2007
 Amendment: April 14, 2009
 Amendment: February 12, 2014
 Amendment: April 8, 2014
 Amendment: January 21, 2016

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