Pressure Reducing Valve/Drain Separator


* Pressure reducing valve with ON/OFF control
* Solenoid valve open: pressure reduction, Solenoid valve closed: main valve is closed



Features Pressure reducing valve with ON/OFF control
Type Combination valve
Specifications Product type Pilot-operated type
Nominal size 15A (1/2") - 100A (4")
Application Steam
End connection JIS Rc screwed, JIS 10K FF flanged
Inlet pressure 0.1 - 2 MPa (0.1-1.0MPa for JIS 10K)
Reduced pressure 0.02 - 0.85 MPa (*)
Min. differential pressure 0.05 MPa
Max. pressure reduction ratio 20 : 1
Working temperature Max. 183 degree(C)
Rated voltage AC100V 50/60Hz or AC200V 50/60Hz
Material Body Ductile cast iron
Main valve Stainless steel
Valve seat Stainless steel
Diaphragm Stainless steel


* Reduced pressure
(A): 0.02-0.15 MPa
(B): 0.1-0.85 MPa

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