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Environmental Activity

While concern about environmental problems increases, Yoshitake is advancing business operations based on the idea of "contributing to formation and development of affluent society which is harmonizing with global environment" as responsibility of a company.

Activities to reduce environmental load leads to not only achieving the responsibility of a company, but also raising a corporate value.
We believe that maintaining the Environment Management System develops our resource-saving and highly efficient business structure.

In addition, we would like to promote the solution activity and sales business that can contribute to environment, energy saving and labor saving for our customers.
Yoshitake shall continue to work on the activities for environmental load reduction for our future.

President and Representative Director
Tetsu Yamada

Environmental Target Concrete Measure Achievement Evaluation
The Main Environmental Purpose and Targets, and 2019 Results
Suggestion for Energy Saving and Resource Saving Environmental-Friendly Suggestion and Sales Target Ratio 111.0% Check Mark
Product Assessment Improvement Rate of Environmental Design Evaluation Rate Average Improvement Rate 33.5% Check Mark

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