Sustainable development goals

Aiming for a sustainable global society, targets have been proposed and adopted unanimously at the UN summit.
Most of the targets will involve strong actions at national or political levels,
but “On-site capabilities” will be necessary in order to plan and execute each action.
“On-site capabilities” is, in other words, ability to take actions of the entire human race including companies,
organizations, families and individuals.
When setting the targets, themes on environment come to the top priority for an industrial manufacturer such as our company.
Yoshitake group has already been working on environmental management intensively.
It includes various control items such as reducing energy usage, improving recycle rate and
reduction and disposal of hazardous chemicals.
To realize a sustainable society, we will set even stricter control items and fulfil social responsibility.

Major activities
Under the management concept “Fair Business”, we are aiming at fair and suitable deal and treatment with all the stakeholders.

All condensate generated in Yoshitake’s factories is collected and reused for efficient production.

- Total result: reduced 327t/year

We conduct environmental assessment and manufacture products considering reduction of burden on the environment.

- Present: 30%UP - Target: 40%UP

We promote product development considering environment (lead-free material, RoHs compliance)

By installing solar panels at the Thai factory, we are aiming to cover 25% of the total electric consumption

We are replacing lights by LED to reduce electric consumption and lighting waste.

- Conversion to LED at the Komaki plant: reduced JPY 1 million/year

We are contributing to reduction of greenhouse gas by energy-saving proposals.

- Total reduction at multiple customers: 218t/year

By reviewing workflows and electric data storage, we are pursuing paperless work and reducing paper consumption.

- Internally: reduced 15%

Solar power generation


Solar power generation

Solar power generation

Solar power generation

To contribute to the maintenance of global environment by renewable energy, we have introduced "Mega Solar Power System" to YOSHITAKE WORKS (THAILAND) LTD. (the main factory of YOSHITAKE Group) and started the operation from March, 2018. This system can supply up to about 25% of the factory’s overall electrical energy consumption for a day. We also use it as a back-up electrical source with its power storage function for stable operation of the factory.

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