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فعالیت های وابسته به محیط زیست

فعالیت های وابسته به محیط زیست-YOSHITAKE WORKS(THAILAND) LTD.

Solar Photovoltaics

To contribute the maintenance of global environment, we have introduced "Mega Solar Power System" to YOSHITAKE WORKS(THAILAND) LTD.(the main factory of YOSHITAKE Group) and started the operation from March, 2018.

This system can supply about 25% of overall electrical energy consumption for a day.
And we use it as a back-up electrical source with its storaging function for stable operation of the factory.

Solar System

*Total as of 6/9/2023

Today Energy

3.14 MWh

Monthly Energy

22.92 MWh

Energy Yield

5.58 GWh


4.47 Kt

Solar Photovoltaics -- Annual Operation Results --


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