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"Fair Business"
In this phrase, a strong message from Yoshitake is given.

Yoshitake was established in 1944 by the founder Takeshi Yamada, with his a desire to supply reliable valves.

There were not many domestic valve manufacturers in Japan at that time, and most valves were imported.

Takeshi Yamada continued his business with his strong resolution
that trust from the market is indispensable for Japanese valve to be accepted.

Later, the 3rd president Susumu Yamada established this management concept "Fair Business" based on his philosophy
that fair spirit is essential to build credibility as a company.

Nowadays, corporate scandals are reported by media.
Neglect of fair spirit, especially by a manufacturer, can lose its trust in a single moment.

Sports without fair play would deeply hurt feelings of players and spectators.

In order to gain trust throughout the future,
Yoshitake will pursue its philosophy fairly, openly and squarely.


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