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In order to manage the environmental management system in the company effectively, we have taken organization control as follows.

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Operation of Environmental Management System

According to the Environment Management System, we advance environmental activity with the PDCA cycle.

Based on the environmental policy of the fiscal year upon which the top executive in the environment management organization decided, environmental manager sets up the environmental purpose of the whole company.
Based on this environmental target, each department formulates environmental purpose and the environmental management program which means a concrete enforcement plan (PLAN), and then the environmental manager as a leader carries out them (DO).
In the environmental management committee, the progress and the contents of enforcement of the environmental management program of each department are checked periodically, which contributes to stable operation.
Moreover, internal environment audit for all the department is conducted by an internal environment auditor (CHECK).

Furthermore, through reexamination of all the system by top executive once a year, we strive for the continuous improvement (ACTION).

Education and Enlightenment

The whole staff works together to tackle environmental activities, and we conduct environmental education for all staffs based on a curriculum to improve their environmental awareness.

Environmental Education Curriculum
New employee education (newly-recruited employees) At the time of joining the company
General employee education (all the employees and part-timers) Once a year
Executive officer education (all executive) Once a year
Education for employee engaged in works with large environmental influence Once a year
Emergency response training Once a year
Number of Qualified Personnel
Internal quality auditor 44
Specially controlled industrial waste manager 1
Operation chief of the work handling organic solvent 5
Pollution control manager (noise, atmosphere, and water quality) 1
Energy management person 7
Energy Manager 4
1st class hygiene manager 3
Dangerous object handler 17
Fire prevention manager 3
High pressure gas manufacturer safety supervisor/chief 9
Boiler engineer (1st class and 2nd class) 33
Electrical chief engineer 1
Drying equipment operations chief 3

Response to the Important Environmental Aspect

As the important environmental aspect considered in our company, there are storage of the thinner for manufacturing processes and used thinner, the paint mist on painting operation, the underground tank for heavy oil storage of boiler fuel, storage of used lubricating oil etc. (all is at the Komaki plant).
As to these important matters, in addition to setting them as the environmental activity targets of a fiscal year to conduct environmental load reduction activities, we define working rules and facility management rules, and specify those who are engaged in the work to carry out the thorough management.
Furthermore, simulating emergency situations such as fatal accidents, we define the rule of measures in advance, and conduct simulation training of treatment in case of accidents on every year.
For your information, accidents equivalent to emergency have not occurred until now.

In 1996, our suggestion system "Improvement suggestion system" started.
Our staffs improve their work by themselves and reports.
Reward is provided as graded according to the contents of improvement, and the best suggestion in one fiscal year is commended.
Since many suggestions relating to environmental load reduction activities are submitted, this system helps upsurge of employees' environmental awareness, promotion of environmental impact reduction activities, and improvement of in-company communication.

Improvement Suggestion System
Number of suggestions in 2022
Grade Special 1st level 2nd level 3rd level 4th level Effort Award
Number 1 5 7 14 62 300

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