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Environmental Influence and Environmental Performance

Energy Saving and Resource Saving

Energy saving starts from closer things. Putting out lights of vacant places and in lunch time, withdrawing unnecessary lighting, conducting thorough management for temperature of air conditioners (26 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter), we are striving for reduction of the used amount of electricity.
In addition, as to vehicles, we are advancing introduction of mileage-efficient gas-guzzling car and hybrid car. Moreover, the used amount of paper (documents) is greatly reduced by promotion of practical use of IT and the double-sided copy.

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction is the field which we focus on. Especially, we increase recycling amount general waste from business activities by subdivision of separation. As a result, at the Komaki plant, the recycling rate of combustible waste and incombustible waste raised considerably from 32.1% in 2003 to 79.6% in 2004.

Chemical substance management

To comply with the PRTR law enforced in April 2001, we grasp the handling amount and the discharge amount to environment of chemical substance in detail. For the future, we make efforts for rationalization of management and reduction of the discharge amount to environment.
*In 2021, any chemical substance was less than the handling amount which requires notification.

Main Chemical Substances Subject to the PRTR Law in 2021 (unit: ton)
Substance name Handling amount Discharge amount to environment Discharge amount of waste Adhesion amount of product
Atmosphere Soil Water area
KOMAKI PLANT Toluene 0.256 0.256
Xylene 0.226 0.226
Ethyl benzene 0.088 0.088
Dichloromethane 0.000 0.000
Manganese and its compound 0.002 0.002

Pollution Prevention

As to pollution (atmosphere, water quality, noise, vibration, a bad smell, etc.), we observe pollution-related law and regulation exactly and strive for further pollution prevention.

Measurement Result in 2021 (the inside of parenthesis is a unit)
  Object of regulation Komaki plant
Air pollution(Boiler) Nitrogen oxide 37/180(PPM)
Sulfur oxide 0.012/1.08(Nm3/h)
Ash dust 0.004/0.30(g/Nm3)
Oscillation Air compressors 34/70(db) ... Day time
Noise Air compressors 63/70(db) ... Day time
Water pollution Septic tank PH 7.9/5.8~8.6
BOD 2.2/60(mg)
COD 8.8/60(mg)
Floating substance 3mg/70(g/liter)
Coliform bacteria count Less than 30 / 3000(piece/cm3)

* Numerical value is (measured value / regulation value).
* There was no complaint from neighborhood.

Environmental Product

Product Assessment
Product assessment means evaluating the influence which a product has on global environment in trial design phase and mass-production design phase.
We advance to develop products with less loads by evaluating an environmental influence for each of the following items:

  1. Ease of re-resources and processing
  2. Resource saving
  3. Energy saving
  4. Extension of product lifetime
  5. Ease of handling
  6. Safety and environmental preservation
  7. Packing

Envrionmentally-friendly Yoshitake Products

Model: PT-104, PT-200&PT-300&PT-400 Series, and Pumping Trap


This is a mechanical pump to use steam pressure or air pressure as driving source and to transmit condensate with pressurized air. There is no need for electrical equipment and no possibility of cavitation by suction, like motor pump.


Keeping present productive efficiency, these trap can recover condensate prevent condensate retention without water hammer.

Model: Y's Jacket (Yoshitake Thermal Cover)

Image:Ys Jacket

Effect of energy saving and CO2 reduction can be evaluated prior to installment.

Image:Ys Jacket

- To prevent energy loss by heat release! Contribution to energy saving!
- To prevent accident of burn injury! Contribution to safety!
- To reduce CO2!

Green procurement

Following the announcement of the green procurement guideline by the Ministry of the Environment, Yoshitake advance green procurement along with the policy.

Actual achievement of green procurement

  • Promotion of using recycled paper
    We have advanced to use recycled paper to pamphlets such as guidebook and corporate guidance, in-company documents, envelopes, stock forms for computers, copy paper, etc.
  • With partner companies' cooperation, we develop the simplification of packing in the raw material purchase stage and the product delivery stage.

Observance of Laws and Regulations

While there are many environmental laws and regulations including pollution control laws, Yoshitake investigated environmental laws and regulations, and ordinances relating to the environment of related local governments, and have grasped the contents of the environmental laws and regulations applied to our company in detail.

- Environmental Laws

Air Pollution Control Act Noise Regulation Act Vibration Regulation Act
Offensive Odor Control Act Water Quality Pollution Control Act Sewerage Service Act
Private Sewerage System Act Wastes Disposal and Public Cleansing Act Revised Act for Promotion of Use of Recycled Resources
Containers/Packaging Recycling Act PRTR Law Factory Location Act
Home Appliance Recycling Act Industrial Safety and Health Act High Pressure Gas Safety Act
Fire Service Act Automobile NOx PM Control law Others

- Detailed Observance

As to measurement items designated by laws, such as air pollution, noise, vibration, and water quality, we conduct surveillance measurement periodically and confirm that all measurement results comply with the regulation values (see "Pollution Prevention" for details).

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