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For Steam System : Kinds of Pressure Reducing Valve

Since the pressure reducing valve differs in flow characteristic of each operation system, material of body, valve, and valve seat, one pressure reducing valve cannot fulfill the conditions of pressure reduction.
It is necessary to select the valves according to the using purpose.

(1) Direct-Acting Type Pressure Reducing Valve (small body, general purpose)

The detecting part of outlet side pressure itself is the controlling part which operates the valve directly.

- Large offset to flow fluctuation.
- Simple internal structure with less trouble.
- Less hunching.
- No pressure difference of fluid is required for operation.


(2) Pilot Operated Type Pressure Reducing Valve

With direct acting type pressure reducing valve which detects outlet side pressure and operates as the pilot part, by adjusting the pressure of main valve operation, the main valve is operated.

- Small offset to flow fluctuation, and large flow rate.
- Due to complicated internal structure, small amount of foreign substance or scale may hampers operation.
- High reduction ratio (10:1 to 20:1)
- Pressure difference of fluid is required for operation.

GP-1000 (general purpose)

GP-2000 (high accuracy)

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