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For Steam System : Steam Trap in Steam System

(1) No steam leak at the time of condensate discharge and of valve closing.

With certain separation of steam and condensate, no leakage by involvement from sheet surface, no loss by the steam leak due to wear of a sheet surface.

(2) Condensate can be discharged from any part of steam system.

Condensate can be efficiently discharged from any part of equipment, steam piping of steam system, and heat exchanger, and piping system.

(3) Air, in addition to condensate, can be discharged with certain.

Since air always exists in a system not only in the time of starting. If trap has a positive discharge function of non-condensable gas, such as air, the thermal efficiency of a heat transfer surface improves.

(4) Carbon dioxide can be discharged at saturated steam temperature.

In boiler feeding, during simple softened water processing and water softener processing, carbon dioxide is contained in steam, if steam become condensate, it dissolve and pH of condensate is reduced, and carbonic acid corrosion of heat exchanger or the piping is conducted. Therefore, carbon dioxide can be discharged at saturated steam temperature like air.

(5) Pressure range is wide.

Steam pressure power is not always constant and, in a heat exchanger, the inlet side pressure of the heat exchanger is different from that of the trap. Therefore, even if pressure fluctuation occurs, a function does not fall or stop. It can be used under any pressure. Although the pressure in a condensate recovery pipe influences as back pressure for a trap, it can operate certainly without being influenced by this pressure.

(6) Operational check and maintenance management are easy.

A trap is especially simple for structure, there are few operation portions, and operational check and decomposition check be easy for it at the key point using a suitable material.

(7) Superior in durability and operation is stabilized.

The operating portion of a trap consists of structure and material excellent in wear resistance and corrosiveness-proof, and is superior in durability, and an initial cost and its running cost are cheap.

(8) Processing ability of foreign substances and scale.

Although there are models which built in the strainer inside of a trap, most pass 1 mm or less of small foreign substances. Moreover, these are brought together in a trap. Therefore, it has the structure which can keep operation and does not produce steam leak even if there are such foreign substances.

The Best Steam Trap

Even if it lacks one function of the above clauses, it cannot be said as the best steam trap.
With the trap satisfied with these functions, the following effect can be expected.

  1. The quick heat-up of a heat exchanger can be performed.
  2. A system can always be held with the maximum temperature.
  3. A system can be operated in the maximum capacity.
  4. A fuel cost can be reduced.
  5. Maintenance cost can be saved.
  6. System can be worked with stabilized operation for the long period of time.

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